► The Story ::
In the year 2037,the once great nation that was known as the U.S. is under full dictatorship by a cruel and malicious woman who is feared known as "Relotte Warden",a woman known for her sadism and cold,icy heart.With the U.S. thrown into tyranny and chaos,a war riddled world in league with such evil leaves little to no hope with it's inhabitants. But not only war,but gruesome and deadly weapons produced by the labortories within the Government that go against God himself,from fusing humans with animals,gene manipulation,super soldiers,to even creating artificially made humans known as "Assassins". Even all the states once in the great U.S.A. now made into what is known as "Sectors" all named after a single letter in the English alphebet,and with each? Every citizen must live in fear from their cruel,vindective and sadistic leaders.

Assassins...known as "Y.Assassins" reside in the most powerful Sector of all. Sector Y. Where all eviland unholy actions take place. Y.Assassins being Warden's greatest weapons. Artificially created super humans even with powers that mere human could even possess,as well as advanced healing,strength,agility,speed and senses. All of them deadly,swift,and sometimes merciless,each under the control of the orders of Sector Y. Even with their own thoughts against Sector Y's cruelty,none can rebel,or it results in death. But one Assassin,known as Ethan Rights,or "Y.11",has had enough,and with dreams and visions that seem to torment him that he just can't figure out,he puts his foot down,and finally? Attempts to escape only wanting an equal life among humans. But...with our hero,Ethan,ever obtain his dream? Will he stop Sector Y. along the way? Or die trying?

A truly black saga awaits him.


RATED: 14+


STATUS: Ongoing from September 12th,2012


COMIC STYLE: American/Western

ART STYLE: Anime-Generic Mix

CREATED BY: Melissa N. Patton