Calliaan is known for his extremely aggressive and violent habits,as well as his sharp tongue and foul language.His ...unique skills in assassination has earned him a high rank in Sector Y. and a gruesome reputation to boot. Calliaan has a terrible,hateful additude to pretty much everyone,especially humans. As a child,Calliaan [Commonly refered to "D.13" as a child] was quite the oppisite,scared,timid and socially anxious was what he was most noted for along with his dislike of killing or harming anyone,which is hard to believe now due to the fact he absolutely adores chaos and bloodshed.

Calliaan is quite hateful,but the most to
Ethan and his friends,such as Lola,whom he targets the most to abuse[since Matt is a brick wall to try to bother]. Hating Ethan with a passion,Calliaan is definitely one who oppose with Ethan's dream to leave Sector Y.,refering to him as a "coward" or "one who thinks he's the only one who suffers".Calliaan's other noted and terrifying habit that come along with his skills of killing is the fact he actully consumes the blood of his victims,having a deep obsession with blood along with explosions and bombs.

Another trait of Calliaan's is how he was born with many birth defect,such as hermaphroditism,his eyes,nails and teeth,and despite his smug and prideful demanor,Calliaan actually hates his body as well as himself deep down.

[Y.D.13] - Project "Delta Y." - Phase 1

Classified as Y.D.13 /Alias is "Calliaan"

Age // 21


D.O.B. - 11/2/2016


Orig.Doner # - N/A - None


Home Sector //:  - Y


Classified as //: - Sector Y. Assassin


Sex //: Intersex/Hermaphrodite (Insists is male,is false,identifies as "he")


Mental State //: Highly Unstable,Violent,Easily Aggitated or Provocked,Extremely Rude with dirty and harsh language


Physical State //: Fair,Many Defects


Height //: 5'9''


Current Status //: Ordered to observe his

behavior,violent bloodlust worsening,rude behavior w/ very limited social skills,unable to read or write still,monitoring currently,missions still at risk w/Y.D.13 to where unneeded casualties occur with termination tasks




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