Ethan is a Y.Assassin with a deep hatred of

his job and his creators. Despite the bloody

a cruel reputation the assassins have,Ethan is

a kind person who doesn't want to hurt anyone.

Being label;ed a hazard for his rebellious thinking

style by Sector Y.,Ethan is on high watch.

Having hallucinations or "dreams" of a boy with the same name and face as him lately,has been infulencing his desire to stop killing people and see Sector Y as

an enemy the more he has them,despite these dreams

are slowly growing hazardous to his mental health.

Ethan is someone who wishes to be equal to humans

rather than a tool to serve them and dreams of a

life outside of Sector Y. despite many of his peers can him crazy for having such wishes. But his friends,Matt and Lola unlike the others,support his goal to finally Leave Sector Y. and be with humans on the outside rather than kill them.

Ethan has a brave personality,and he isn't afraid to stand up for his friends or what he feels is right,but he does have an anxious side when it comes to socializing with new people. He is kind and is known for apologizing to his targets. Ethan is stubborn at times and can be hard to talk out of things,but he is a good

person overall despite not being human.

Ironically,with his hate of bloodshed,his power is the ability to manipulate his own blood and blood that comes in contact with his. (A form of hemokenisis)

[Y.11] - Project "Delta Y." - Phase 2

Classified as Y11 /Alias is "Ethan Rights"

Age // 16


D.O.B. - 4/7/2021


Orig.Doner # -Sector T. - Ethan Rights DON. I.D. - #334.11


Home Sector //:  - Y.


Classified as //: - Sector Y. Assassin


Sex //: Male


Mental State //: Somewhat Moderate Stability,Stubborn,Socially Anxious At times,Strong Willed[Dangerous to goals]


Physical State //: Fit/Acceptable


Height //: 5'11''


Current Status //: Currently suffering from psychosis that is worsening,now claims to have rebellious views and desires to leave Sector Y. to live "normal life". Observing behavior constantly,



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