Meet Melissa(That me!)

Meet Melissa.

Drawing from a young age,Melissa has always had a passion for art and comics. Having her ideas flow since youth,her dream of becoming a graphic novelist has always been her biggest goal. Self taught with an overactive imagination,Melissa strives to create stories and comics to showcase as she works hard to go from ametuer comic artist to full out professional.

Born in Augusta,GA,now in SC,Melissa is a silly 20 year old American girl who expresses herself through medias of art from drawing to painting,to sewing to sculpting figurenes. Her love of art reflects deeply in her work. She is a huge fan of science fiction stories and horror as well as comedy. It's no surprise these genres are seen in her work!


Currently,her main work is Black Saga,while her other works are works in progress,is thriving. Her work consists of the genres science fiction,action,drama and suspense.

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